Looking for others ways to contribute & participate?


In response to a number of inquiries on the possibility of making online donations to St. Vitus Parish, we are pleased to announce that effective Monday, April 27, 2020, parishioners, friends, Alumni, and benefactors now have this option available.

In order for us to perform this feature, we have chosen Paypal as the vendor. They are a reliable party for this type of feature, having very good security safeguards in place and the manner to make this type of donation is pretty simple. Chances are you have already used PayPal in the past for other online payments, sending money to friends & family, or even online shopping – we hope you find it to be a familiar, accessible and user-friendly solution.

How to Donate Through PayPal

Secure electronic donations can be made right away with a debit card or credit card.

If you set-up a personal account with PayPal (free), you can also pay directly from your checking or savings account. Creating a PayPal account offers the ability for you to securely store your payment information, making it simpler to perform recurring donations. Electronic donations can then also be scheduled on a monthly basis, to make things even easier.

You can easily begin making a donation to St. Vitus Parish through PayPal, today.

Where Will My Donation Go?

When donating online, you have the option of choosing which initiative your donation goes towards: Sunday Donation, Endowment, Heart of the Shepherd, the Parish Hall, Flowers and Decorations, Christmas, Easter, and Maintenance.

The Benefits of Online Donations

Online donations enables individuals who may not now reside in Northeast Ohio yet desire to somehow remain connected to St. Vitus Parish. This also allows the parish to continue its mission and work as has been the case the past 127 continuous years: parish food bank, senior ministry, religious education, Sacramental Life, corporal works of mercy via Joseph House of Cleveland Inc., provide to registered parish households to attend a tuition paying school through the Mihevc Grant Program, and so many other activities in parish life at St. Vitus.

This work can continue with your generous support!

Liturgical Ministries

Services within the church take a great deal of effort among our liturgical leaders, and any practicing Catholic registered at St. Vitus Parish is welcome to assist them.

Food & Gatherings

Both the inner parish community and the larger one surrounding St. Vitus Church have numerous needs regarding sustenance and parish events. Find out how you can help.


Twice a year (Easter & Christmas), St. Vitus Church is decorated to reflect the seasons. We welcome all to contribute, and there are a variety of ways for parishioners to help.


Clergy, religious, and lay people of the parish have continually understood that the primary purpose the parish was established was for sacramental life (i.e. the use and promotion of the Sacraments as the focal point). Since the Second Vatican Council, the laity has been greatly encouraged to make use of its gifts and talents at Mass and other para-liturgical services.


Listed are ministries that an individual, serving the parish under the direction of the Pastor, may be involved in to more fully enabling a dynamic parish worship life:



Assist the celebrant at Mass and other para-liturgical services.


St. Vitus Parish features multiple choirs. Learn more about them in the “Music” section.


Care for the altar linens and prepare the altar for Mass or other para-liturgical services.


Assist in the distribution of the Eucharist at Mass.


Proclaim God’s Word and make announcements.


Greet and seat individuals entering the church as well as collect offerings.


If you’re interested in helping us out with any of the following activities, please contact the parish at (216) 361-1444.


Typically held in mid-July at the recreational center of Slovenska Pristava in Harpersfield, Ohio. Learn more about Slovenska Pristava.


Batches of krofe are baked six to eight times per calendar year, working with Altar & Rosary Society members.


Occur approximately four to five times per year, including the annual parish Palm Sunday dinner and, each September, the Altar & Rosary Society dinners.


Requires greeting and general help (such as coffee brewing) after the Sunday Masses in the lower church hall.


St. Vitus relies on the help and generosity of numerous parishioners every year in decorating for both Easter and Christmas seasons.
If you’re interested in helping us out, please contact Louise Strauss via email or call the parish in the weeks leading up to either
holiday at (216) 361-1444.


Exterior and interior work that starts at the beginning of each December.

Interior Tasks

  • Preparing greenery/floral arrangements in the church basement
  • Installing and decorating Christmas trees
  • Hanging banners

Exterior Tasks

  • Hanging lights on trees
  • Greenery around St. Vitus Church & St. Vitus Village
  • Hanging swag, roping and wreaths


Altar preparation & tasks inside the church, each week of Lent.

Interior Tasks

  • Liturgical ministry during Holy Week services
  • Floral arrangements around the altar
  • Hanging banners