Parish Grounds

The Church

The church building of St. Vitus itself is constructed in the Lombard-Roman style with pale yellow Falston brick. It is 141 feet long and 100 feet wide with an attached parish house on its west side.

Its two Romanesque bell towers reach 110 feet into the sky. The Holtkamp organ, which is still in service, remains in the rear and largest of the three choir lofts.


The Rectory

The rectory serves as the parish office. Here, guests and visitors meet with our staff for appointments and our parish council convenes for monthly meetings.

Attached to the west side of the church, the rectory's hours of operations are Monday to Friday, from 9AM to 4:30PM. Stop in or call the Parish Secretary for any inquiries.


The Village

St. Vitus Village is a new senior citizens apartment building, custom built and available for persons who are 55 years or older and who can live independently. It features complete apartments, a beautiful landscaped courtyard, and a chapel that is open 24 hours a day.

Located across the street from the church, the village is truly an enjoyable facility with a relaxing environment and satisfied happy residents.

Complete Apartments

Each apartment has a large kitchen, including a refrigerator, stove, microwave, and garbage disposal. The main living area is spacious and can be divided into a dinette and living room, with handicap accessible bathrooms.

Full Security

The facility has full security, fire protection, and surveillance cameras. Locked gates and entrance doors are accessible only with resident's keys or individual private security codes.

Schedule an Appointment

Whether it's for you, a family member, or a friend, please feel free to call the village's Manager about touring the facility or to ask questions:


Photo Gallery

Browse through our collection of photographs detailing the Church's interior & exterior:

  • St. Vitus
  • Church Facade
  • Marija Pomagaj
  • St. Bernadette
  • Choir Loft
  • Baptismal Mural
  • Main Entrance
  • Tabernacle
  • St. Vitus Church – Interior
  • Joseph & Child – Church
  • Sacred Heart
  • Lourdes Shrine
  • Rose Window – Church
  • Facade & Belltower
  • Main Entrance – Archway
  • Choir Entrance – Detail
  • Church Back
  • Center Aisle
  • Ceiling
  • “Pojdite v miru”