Welcome to the new website of St.Vitus Church

For the past number of years, St. Vitus Church’s website has been a very limited experience: a place to access the bulletin online. While that may continue to be a popular reason for visiting, we learned over time that it isn’t the only thing our parish community is looking for.

A full-fledged website has been a long time coming, and today we’re pleased to finally bring it online. Here, you can learn about our community, culture, history, and scheduled events, ranging from weekly Mass times to seasonal activities and volunteer opportunities.

For the inaugural entry into our new Parish News section, we thought it would be a good opportunity to further introduce the new site and to highlight some of its features:


One of the first things you’ll probably notice are the three options on the front page: “Our Parish”, “Mass Schedule”, and “Volunteer Opportunities.” For new visitors in general, these entry points should provide some immediate access to specific yet often-sought information. In regards to the main navigation that persists throughout the site, we looked to the variety of ways our parishioners participate in parish life at St. Vitus. From there, much more detailed information on the different focuses of the parish can be discovered.


While we expect parishioners to come here looking for meaningful information, that also applies for a means to reach out and inquire the parish further. To make this easier, any relevant contact information is made available as often as possible. For instance, those looking to schedule sacraments or even enroll in Slovenian school will find a specific phone number and/or email address on the same page. Additionally, our general contact information is available in the footer of every page.

Updates Over Time

Since the nature of online content is that it’s constantly changing, we’re planning to rotate in new information throughout the year. For example, the mass schedule page could adapt to reflect Easter and Christmas, or the Parish News section could promote information on upcoming parish events. We also have plans to further digitize the bulletin, so that it’s both easier to read and quicker to access/download.


Lastly, the website features a myriad of beautiful photographs depicting the parish grounds, including our courtyards, the church exterior and its interior. While plenty of them can be immediately found on the homepage, you’ll also find them spread throughout as backdrops or headers to most subsections. If you’d like to browse them all at once though, you can view them in our galleries on the Parish Grounds page.

It is exciting to finally share all of this new content with our visitors and parishioners. We hope that our new website serves you well, and we look forward to contributing more to it over time.