Website Update: News Section Changes

Today, we published an update to the main navigation on our website that better organizes our news-related pages, as well as prepares the website for an upcoming addition.

In order to be more consistent with the rest of our main navigation, which is more generalized while subpages are more specific, we’ve taken both the “Weekly Bulletin” and “Upcoming Events” (previously known as “Parish News”) pages, and nested them within a broader “News” page. The original links to these pages both still work, so no need to update your bookmarks if you’ve saved either of them in your browser. Lastly, we’ve also moved the “News” section to the front of the list, and bumped “About” to the back. This should better serve the parts of the website that receive updates on a more regular basis, whereas “About” content – while a good introduction to our Parish – is updated least frequently.

The other reason for these changes is to make room for the forthcoming addition of a brand new section to the website, “Culture.” Not only do we have new media to share from our archives and last year’s Baraga Days, but one major area of the Parish’s identity that we haven’t dedicated a section to yet is our Slovenian heritage. We’ve been looking forward to bringing some of these rich histories to the site, and will have more to announce on that later this season.

Lastly, the footer of every page now displays a simple version of our weekly mass schedule for quicker reference. The Masses page will continue to host this information as well, in addition to our Lenten and Advent schedules.