Website Update: Culture & Slovenian Heritage

We are happy to introduce our newest addition to the St. Vitus Church website, Slovenian Heritage.

Slovenian Heritage

When work began on the new website a couple years ago, one of our goals was to allow the different characteristics of the parish community to come through. That direction resulted in how our site is organized into its primary sections: News, Worship, Volunteer, Music, Education, About and – newest of all – Culture. Although it has made appearances here, we felt that our Slovenian culture & heritage should have a more lasting representation as well.

As was seen a couple weekends ago during the annual parish picnic at Slovenska Pristava, our roots have helped form many of our strongest bonds, and we hope that this new page reflects that. From Baraga Days to baking krofe, the parish is frequently engaged with and connected to the Slovenian community of Greater Cleveland. As visitors come to our website, we hope that connection is made here as well.

Culture & History

In addition – and as was mentioned above – we’ve added a new primary section, Culture. You can find it above in the main navigation.

Within, you will find the Slovenian Heritage page featured in this article, as well as our recently updated Church History page. Together, they tell one of our longest stories as a parish community, and speak to the dedication and energy it has given and continues to give St. Vitus Church.

We hope you enjoy all of the new content that’s been added this season, and wish you a wonderful rest of the summer.