Website Update: Bulletin Archive

As of today, we’ve updated our Bulletin page with an archive of this year’s issues.

Each week for the past few years, we’ve made sure to keep our online version of the weekly bulletin as up to date as possible. Last year, we enhanced this by offering a fully digital version of the bulletin, which loads much faster and allows readers to zoom in and interact with the text to their liking.

One request we’ve received was if we would ever offer past editions of the bulletin, in addition to featuring the current week’s. Today, we’ve made every bulletin from 2017 now available to visitors on our website.

Past bulletins from the current year can be viewed in the following ways:

  1. Visit the bulletin page.
  2. On desktop computers, look to the right of the current bulletin. There, a sidebar organizes past issues into months. Click the name of any available month for its respective bulletins.
  3. On smaller mobile devices, scroll past the current week’s bulletin. There you will find a list of the past bulletins from the year, organized by month. Press the month you’re interested in to expand its options.

This should be especially useful for those who missed a week, or forgot to grab a physical copy at mass before the new issue was printed. We hope you enjoy the new feature and additional content, and look forward to adding to the list over 2017.