Liturgical Ministries

Any practicing Catholic registered at St. Vitus may participate in the following liturgical ministries.
If you'd like to participate in any, please contact Sister Mary Avsec at (216) 361-1444.

Clergy, religious, and lay people of the parish have continually understood that the primary purpose the parish was established was for sacramental life (i.e. the use and promotion of the Sacraments as the focal point). Since the Second Vatican Council, the laity has been greatly encouraged to make use of its gifts and talents at Mass and other para-liturgical services.

Listed below are ministries that an individual, serving the parish under the direction of the Pastor, may be involved in to more fully enabling a dynamic parish worship life:

Mass Servers

Assist the celebrant at Mass and other para-liturgical services.

Eucharistic Ministers

Assist in the distribution of the Eucharist at Mass.


St. Vitus Parish features multiple choirs. Learn more about them in the "Music" section.


Proclaim God’s Word and make announcements.


Care for the altar linens and prepare the altar for Mass or other para-liturgical services.


Greet and seat individuals entering the church as well as collect offerings.