Want to give us a hand?

St. Vitus relies on the help and generosity of numerous parishioners every year in decorating for both Easter and Christmas seasons.
If you're interested in helping us out, please contact Louise Strauss via email or call the parish in the weeks leading up to either holiday at (216) 361-1444.


Exterior and interior work that starts at the beginning of eaåch December.

Interior Tasks

  • Preparing greenery/floral arrangements in the church basement
  • Installing and decorating Christmas trees
  • Hanging banners

Exterior Tasks

  • Hanging lights on trees
  • Greenery around St. Vitus Church & St. Vitus Village
  • Hanging swag, roping and wreaths
Holy Week

Altar preparation & tasks inside the church, each week of Lent.

Interior Tasks

  • Liturgical ministry during Holy Week services
  • Floral arrangements around the altar
  • Hanging banners