Volunteer Opportunities at St. Vitus – Dec. 2017

Volunteer opportunities available for any parishioner or individual in December 2017 at St. Vitus Parish include the following:

DEC. 9 (SAT.) Start time at 9:00AM. CHRISTMAS DECORATION WORK.  Start of Christmas decoration work, primarily assembling of swags, wreaths, hanging outside and assembly of inside Christmas trees in the church sanctuary. ENTER THE CHURCH ON THE MARY SIDE (WHERE THE ADA RAMP IS LOCATED) AND GO TO THE LOWER CHURCH HALL. Primary coordinator: Louise Strauss. Primary person(s) in charge of assembling swags, wreaths, etc.,is Theresa Avsec; and primary persons in charge of setting up inside trees, lighting are Maggie and Mike Milakovich. Lunch will be provided on DEC 9.

DEC 16 (SAT.). Continuation of Decoration Work. Start time is 9:30AM. Decoration work for the inside of the church. Lunch will be provided on DEC 16.

DEC 12 (Tues.). Food Bank Preparation Work. Start time at 9:00AM. In the lower church hall. Bringing in boxes, storing, putting canned food items, etc., in paper bags, discard cut up card board boxes, etc., type tasks occur this day, each month. Normally finish around 11:30AM. Betty Svekric is the coordinator for the parish food bank. Call the parish rectory at 216-361-1444 if interested in this service opportunity.

DEC 13 (WEDS.) Distribution of food bags. Start time at 11AM. Distribution of food bank bags in the lower church hall. Verification of recipients (parish serves a geographical area), handing of bags, assisting elderly with bag(s) up the stairwell steps, breakdown and take-out of card board boxes to recycling dumpster in the backside of the auditorium, etc. Arrive at 10:30AM. Distribution begins at 11AM until 12:30PM. Call the parish rectory at 216-361-1444 if can volunteer. .

DEC 16 (SAT.). Start time 9:00AM. IN the lower church hall. Packaging boxes, bags, etc., for distribution to seniors, home-bound, seniors residing in assisted living facilities, etc. You can bring home-made baked items for packaging. Need individuals to package as well as to deliver to seniors, etc. Contact Sister Mary Avsec, S.N.D., at (216) 432-9179 or Majdi Patyk (216) 477-8014 if interested in this volunteer service.

DEC 16 (Sat.) Delivery of food baskets. Delivery of food baskets to seniors, shut-ins, etc., Note: Food baskets/bags are picked up at St. Ignatius High School by the Mary Chapel, located on Lorain Avenue and West 30th Street (north side of Lorain Ave.).  Our parish is scheduled to have 26 baskets. Each volunteer car to deliver 2-to-3 food baskets. Call the recotry if interested to volunteer at 216-361-1444.

DEC. 30 (SAT.). Start time is 9:00AM. Need 3 to 4 volunteers. Set-up tables, chairs, etc.  Preparation work for social (in the parish auditorium) that follows the All Parish Mass and Concert of Sacred Songs on DEC. 31, (Sun.) All parish Mass at 10AM followed by Concert of Sacred Songs in St. Vitus Church. Social, fellowship, food, and light refreshments AFTER the Mass and concert in the parish auditorium. Bring your family and friends to the Mass, Concert, and then social. Call rectory at 216-361-1444 or via email “skuhar@hotmail.com”

Month of December 2017. Joseph House of Cleveland inc. At 6104 St. Clair Avenue, Clev., OH 44103. Each Wednesday or Friday, 11AM to 1:00PM. Distribution of clothing (by appointment only) for incoming immigrants to Cleveland or residents in the St. Clair Avenue neighborhood. Corporal work of mercy. Contact Michelle O’Donnell, director operations, at 216-431-7200 or email “josephhouseofclevelandinc@gmail.com”