Support and Information For New Parish Hall

Any parishioner, friend, benefactor, or individual desiring to learn about the new parish hall and to also provide financial support for the new parish hall can now find the brochure and Commitment Form here on our official website (please see the bottom of this post.)

The new parish hall is being built across the street from St. Vitus Church on Lausche Avenue. Work began a few weeks ago and pouring of the concrete slab should occur before the end of June 2020. The target completion date is February 2021.

The new hall will be a 1.5 story structure at 10,035 square feet. It will consist of an entrance with a vestibule to have doors automatically open. Inside will be the main hall, side storage room, restrooms, side take out/meeting room. modern kitchen, stage, and four “learning” center rooms to be used for religious, educational, social, and cultural needs of the parish and broader community. One unique feature of the new parish hall will be the installation of thousands of “permeable pavers” to greatly reduce runoff rain and other water that will go directly into the ground. This is being made possible by a maximum grant amount of $250,000 by the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District.

The new hall will cost an estimated $3.3 million with half the funds already raised. The remaining $1.6 million will be loan financed through St. Vitus Endowment Trust (aka St. Vitus Endowment Corporation), a separate 501 c 3 tax-exempt entity approved by the IRS. NOTE: IRS Award letter is on file and will be provided if requested by a donor, private foundation, business, fraternal organization or lodge, etc. This loan must be paid back over the next two-and-a half to three years.

All donors pledging and making a donation of $1,000 to $5,000 (or more) may have one to four “engraved bricks” provided a gesture of gratitude for support for this unique city of Cleveland and northeast Ohio project. Review the forthcoming brochure and Commitment Form when it is available and say “yes” to this request! You may also make online payments via Paypal in a secure and convenient manner. Thank you for your continued support of St. Vitus Parish!

Download (PDF, 5.93MB)