Rev Greg Neuzil 50th Year Anniversary of Ordination to Priesthood: May 1967-May 2017.

On May 14, 2017, Reverend Lowell Greg Neuzil, originally from Cleveland, Ohio and ordained as a Roman Catholic priest to serve a diocese in eastern Tennessee, observed his 50th Year Anniversary of ordination as a priest at an all parish 10AM Mass in St. Vitus Church. After the Mass all attendees were invited for a short luncheon and refreshments as well as giving Fr Greg best wishes on this joyous occasion.

Fr. Greg and his parents originally resided on the west side of Cleveland. He completed his priestly studies in Washington DC. After his ordination as a priest, he was assigned to serve the eastern portion of the state of Tennessee as, in his own words, a “missionary” for the then small Catholic population in this part of TN. He was a pastor for a number of parishes and served as a Chaplin for incarcerated youth at a local prison. He also served for a short time at a parish in the state of New Mexico.

After retiring from his priestly assigned duties in TN., Fr Greg was permitted to be a Chaplin at the Cleveland Veterans Hospital where he met volunteers and St. Vitus parishioners, Bob and Marice Mills. He eventually agreed to help Rev Boznar at weekend or daily Masses at St. Vitus Church or The Chapel, St. Vitus Village. Fr Greg became a resident in St. Vitus Village and lived there until taking his “second” retirement, moving to Virginia. At the request of the Chaplin program at the Cleveland VA Hospital, Fr Greg has agreed to “un-retire” and assist again as a Chaplin, to start in July or Aug 2017 at the Cleveland VA hospital. He will again reside at St. Vitus Village.  Ad multos annos, Fr Greg!