One Year In New Joseph House of Cleveland Inc Site. 6108 St. Clair Avenue,Clev Oh 44103

After a number of years of planning, fund raising and initial demolition work, the new clothing distribution site at 6108 St.Clair Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44103 for Joseph House of Cleveland Inc (JHCI) has now been in operation for one year. Previously located in a 800 square foot former retail store in the same building (2014-2018), this remodeled and renovated former apparel, furniture, and tv/radio repair store at 6108 St. Clair Avenue is now in a 2,135 square foot site, able to handle more people with good clothing items including shoes.

Fund raising began in earnest at the annual Palm Sunday benefit dinner held in April 2017 in St. Vitus parish Auditorium. By Nov-Dec 2017 initial demolition work began with removing the first of 600 old tv/radio sets and other equipment. This work was completed Feb 2018 along with interior demolition work, followed by remodeling work that concluded May 2018. The remodeling work cost an estimated $50,000 plus $15,000 in donated labor and materials/supplies with no funding from government agencies. JHCI has also renovated four of six apartments and a brick garage for its resettlement purposes circa 2011-2017.

Parishioners from St. Vitus and Divine Word Parishes, volunteers from American Mutual Life Association (AMLA) and American Slovenian Catholic Union (KSKJ) (two American Slovenian fraternal benefit societies), board members and friends of Joseph House of Cleveland Inc., and volunteers from St Edward High School under the leadership of Liam Haggerty and Rick Kubrik, worked in cooperation to complete this transformation. Clothing and other equipment was moved from the former site to 6108 St Clair Avenue by the end of May 2018 so that the first clothing distribution in the newly renovated site could occur July 2018.

Joseph House of Cleveland Inc has two main purposes: provide resettling of refugees in Cleveland with affordable housing, based on protocols approved and authorized via the US State Department and through Catholic Charities (of Cleveland); and a clothing distribution ministry to serve incoming refugees and local neighbors in our St. Clair-Superior community as well as any person in need. Clothing distribution is by appointment only with distribution normally on Wednesday and Friday each week. Over the past 22 years, 118 refugees have lived at Joseph House of Cleveland Inc while the clothing distribution ministry began serving refugees in 2014 with over 1,400 refugees and over 1,400 local residents served since its inception. Inquiries may be directed to Michelle O’;Donnell, director of operations, or Joan Laux, head coordinator of the clothing distribution ministry, at (216) 431-7200. Or email “”  The website of Joseph House of Cleveland Inc is “”

Support to continue these two corporal works of mercy is to be directed to “Joseph House of Cleveland Inc., attn: M. O’Donnell, director operations, 6108 St. Clair Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44103.” Checks, money orders, etc., are to made out to “Joseph House of Cleveland Inc.” JHCI is supported through the cooperation of four Catholic parishes (Divine Word (Kirtland, OH), Immaculate Conception, East 41st St and Superior  Ave.), St. Paul Croatian, and St. Vitus Parishes and JHCI, a legally established 501 c 3 under the guidelines of the IRS.