New Additions to the Website

If you’ve visited our website since it launched back in September, you may notice a few new things lately. In the spirit of the Christmas season, we’ve added additional photos of St. Vitus Church, an updated mass schedule for the week, and even recordings of our Christmas Choir.

More Photographs

In addition to our front page featuring new photographs of the church, now decorated for the season, the Parish Grounds page will also continue to feature them after Christmas. About a dozen new images are now available there, including ones of our interior nativity scene.

Mass Schedule

Our Masses page now features dates and times for Masses that are scheduled specifically for the holiday season, from Christmas Eve through New Year’s Day. Expect a similar approach for seasonal Masses during the Lenten season next year.

Choir Recordings

The newest addition to the website is a selection of recorded music performed by our Christmas Choir, which can be found on the Choirs page. The music is free to stream, and will remain on the site even after the Christmas season.