Krofe/Raised Slovenian Donut On Sale – Feb. 6th (Sat.) Plus Kurentovanje!

The delicious delicacy known as “krofe” (Slovenian raised donuts) will be available on FEB. 6, 2016 (Saturday) from around 8:30 AM until about 12:30 PM in the social room of the parish auditorium. The St Vitus Auditorium is located at 6111 Lausche Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44103. Members of the parish Altar Society bake the krofe with net proceeds used to support the work of the parish, now in existence for 123 continuous years.

For additional information call the parish rectory at (216) 361-1444.

The famous “Cleveland Kurentovanje” a Slovenian tradition and festive event prior to the start of the season of Lent, will be on FEB. 6, 2016. A parade will begin at Sterle’s on East 55th Street, to usher in the festivities along East 55th and St. Clair Avenue, to Slovenian National Home at East 64th street and St. Clair  Avenue. Watch the parade and join in this wonderful and colorful event in the heart of the St.Clair Avenue neighborhood!

For more information, visit the festival’s official website.