Slovenian Language School

Slovenian culture has consistently been an integral and enriching part of parish life at St. Vitus. For over 60 years, with the guidance of a teaching staff and parents, children have been enrolling in Slovenian language classes.

For Children

The primary purpose of the School is to preserve the Slovenian language, customs, and traditions by instilling in children a sense of pride and love for the Slovenian heritage. Open to any child willing to accept the School curriculum and program, classes are typically in session from the third Saturday in September to the third Saturday in May each calendar year.

To enroll in our Slovenian Language School, please contact Ms. Mojca Slak, Principal, at (216) 881-1725 or via email.

For Adults

St. Vitus' Slovenian Language School is also welcome to adults in a separate program, whether they are new to the language or even for those looking to revisit it. Instead of meeting every Saturday like the children's school, this program meets twice a month, on Saturday mornings, from fall to spring months.

To enroll in our Slovenian Language School as an adult student, please contact Mrs. Lillian Centa at (216) 289-7253 or Mrs. Mary Zorman at (440) 255-1178.