Altar Society Benefit Dinner – Sept. 11th, 2016

St. Vitus Altar & Rosary Society will have its annual benefit dinner on Sept. 11, 2016 (Sunday) in St. Vitus Auditorium, 6111 Lausche Avenue, Clev., OH. 44103.

Dinner will consist of chicken and roast beef with all the trimmings. Cost is $14 adult and $8 child 12 years-old or younger. Sit-down and take-out dinners will be served from 11:30AM-to-1:00PM. There will also be a benefit raffle, Chinese Raffle, and delicious home-made pastry sale.

For tickets and other information call the parish rectory at (216) 361-1444. Mass schedule on Sundya is 9:00AM (Eng.) and 10:30AM (Slov.).