Website Update: A Year Later & The Digital Bulletin

It has been over a year now since we launched the new website for St. Vitus Parish. Since then, we’ve been grateful to see a swell of new visitors and hope that the update has been a much improved experience for you, our parish community.

To give you an idea of how much of a difference the redesign has made, let’s look at some statistics about the traffic we’ve received since the switch:

Website Visitors: Then & Now

Our old website went up in late 2009, and stayed up until late 2014. In that span of five years, we saw nearly 20,000 unique visitors whom viewed around 35,000 pages, which averaged to around 3,000 views per year. With the new website, we’ve already served nearly half of that in just a year with 9,000 unique visitors viewing over 27,000 pages.

While the influx of new and frequent visitors is a positive sign, your feedback has only lead to a further improvements. With that, we’d like to share with you a subtle but significant update to one of the most popular parts of the website: the digital bulletin.

The Weekly Bulletin: Digitally Enhanced

The bulletin you read online here moving forward is now fully digital. It should load in less than half the time it use to, and the text is now crisp and readable at any scale you prefer.

The bulletin use to be the crux of our old website, and given its popularity we knew it had to remain easily accessible and at the forefront of today’s. Due to the process of producing the bulletin in the past, finished masters that were sent off to print had to be physically scanned if we wanted to bring it to the website in a digital format. This often resulted in large high-resolution files that didn’t load quickly, inconsistent reproductions and an inefficient workflow for getting it up on the website in a timely manner. Over time, we knew this wasn’t the best way to represent the bulletin online, which has been a part of our parish’s culture for decades.

Starting this week, we have updated our processes to ensure that the bulletin you find in Church is as sharp as the one you can access here on the website. At first glance, you may not notice any distinct visual changes. But if you’ve read the bulletin on here in the past year, you should notice a difference in both clarity and immediacy.

Thank you for your patience, and we hope you appreciate the change!

View this week’s bulletin, here.